by now
They call you heartless; but you have a heart and I love you for being ashamed to show it.
It’s hitting the fan.
artist: Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran - Sing

Emilia Clarke for Vs. Magazine (S/S 2014)

You let me know if this hurts…

House of Cards, Chapter 15

Kate Mara at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Transcendence’ at Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California. - 4/10/14 

Léa Seydoux shot by Steven Meisel for Prada Resort 2012

She can learn to control it. I’m sure. Until then…We’ll lock the gates. We’ll reduce the staff. We will limit her contact with people, and keep her powers hidden from everyone. Including Anna.

You can put whatever you want on the walls as long as it’s appropriate.

So, no pictures of penises?

Not unless it’s very scientific.

It’s my job, my number three- job number three, taking care for my three ladies.